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London – A roost for every bird – Benjamin Disraeli

London is one of the most diverse and varied cities in the world. Ancient buildings contrast with new architecture, fashions race past in the blink of an eye and thousands of bright red buses ferry people down narrow and winding inner-city roads. Their routes cross the Thames, go around St Paul’s Cathedral, past shops on Oxford Street, beside green Hyde Park and through the West End.

The metropolis has something that will appeal to everyone. It is a citsy where modern architectural icons like The Gherkin sit happily next historic churches and where the fine art of The National Gallery rubs shoulders with the latest cinematic blockbusters in Leicester Square. London has been a magnet for artists, poets and musicians for centuries and you can feel their legacy in the city’s vibe.

London has been welcoming visors since long before it was a city. (Even long before it was actually called London). The city has welcomed immigrants fleeing tyranny, people from around the country looking to make their fortune and tourists from around the globe. It’s a place where everyone is welcome and anyone can feel at home. As Paddington Bear so wisely put it, “In London, everyone is different, and that means anyone can fit in.”

As a holiday destination, London has plenty to offer, so start looking for your hotel in London now.

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See the lights

The advertising signs at Piccadilly Circus have been one of London’s icons for over a century and is unmissable for the 100 million people who pass through Piccadilly Circus every year.

Originally powered by simple lightbulbs, the display has changed to neon signs in the 1920s, then to digital projectors in the 1990s and on to LEDs in 2011.

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Go by the book

Trying to track down a rare book? The chances are that the British Library will have a copy of it amongst its nearly 200 million catalogue items.

It has a copy of (just about) every book published in Britain since 1610 and if you want to catch up on the news, you’ll find a copy of every newspaper printed in the UK since 1840.

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Ride a London icon

Watch any film set in London and one thing stands out as an image of the city – the red Routemaster buses. Introduced in 1956, these transport workhorses were a fixture in London travel for fifty years.

Although they retired from general service in 2005, they still run on the Number 15 Heritage Route from March to September.

Find your dream hotel in London

Whatever type of holiday you are planning in London, we’ll help you find the hotel that is right for you. Whether you want a quiet boutique hotel, 5-star luxury in a landmark building or a party vibe in the heart of Soho, you’ll find your perfect London hotel here.

Experience the best of London

Go underground...

The London underground has 11 lines and 270 stations. It is one of the quickest ways to get around the city and if you haven’t been on the Tube, you haven’t really been to London.

Spin the wheel...

As the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel, the London Eye takes visitors 135m above the Thames at a leisurely 26cm per second, for a unique view of the city.

Get on the trail...

London was the home to the word’s most famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. The detective stories remain popular and London has a museum dedicated to him.

Get fitted up...

Saville Row has long been the place to visit to get the very best bespoke suit. With newer tailors sitting alongside long-established names, the road offers options for all tastes.

Time for a change...

With a history that dates back to the seventeenth century, the Changing of the Guard is ‘must see’ for London visitors. The ceremony takes place every other day at 10:30.

Get over it...

The River Thames sweeps through the heart of London, dividing the city. As long as there have been people, we have been trying to get over the Thames and today the are plenty of ways to cross the River Thames.

Some of London’s most fabulous hotels

Fun things to do in London

London is simply packed with sights and activities, but so many options can leave you unsure where to begin. We’ve reached out to other travellers for their first-hand experience of the fun things they did in London. Read on for their reviews of places to visit, tours to take, where to eat and what to see!

Must visit attractions in London on the Piccadilly Line

London has so many sights and attractions that trying to plan an itinerary can be overwhelming. So let us help you narrow it down! This article lists the must-see attractions easily accessed via the Piccadilly Line. We’ve got royal residences, museums, stately homes, famous parks, peaceful walks and movie hot spots, all easily accessible from the same Underground route.

Must visit attractions in London on the District Line

London’s a huge city for sightseeing, so join our bloggers as they describe their favourite attractions and experiences in London on the District Line. From war ships and street art to dungeons, castles and bridges we’ll blow you away!

The wow of a holiday in London!

London is a incredible city destination for history lovers, foodies, film buffs, royalists, shopaholics and Harry Potter fans. Our bloggers weave in money-saving tips about the best London markets, free bike loans and dozens of movie locations. Don’t leave home until you’ve read them all!

Our A to Z of London

The story of London really is a tale of two cities. To the east of the centre, there is the City of London (AKA The Square Mile or The City). Butting against The City is its younger sister, the City of Westminster. Surrounding them is the mass of areas that make up London as a whole. The city has always welcomed visitors & people from many cultures have made it their home. Our London 101 will help guide you through your stay.

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